Chocolate Concepts is a company devoted to the complete support of the confectionery industry. Our company has a wide range of products and services, spanning from custom candy mold designs, to inductrial machinery for this specialized industry. Our customers range in size from the very small family run business to very large confectionery corporations. And our clients are located on just about every point on the globe...from South Carolina to South Africa, Denver to Denmark, we've probably supported a company near you. Whatever your size, or location, our full service company has a solution to meet your specific needs.


Does your company need candy molds? Or more importantly, does your company need high quality candy molds? If you're tired of all the low-quality, air-bubble ridden confectionery molds, then it's time for a change. Chocolate Concepts offers the highest quality molds on the market today...give us a call, you will not be disappointed.


Or maybe your company is in the market for a custom mold? Looking for your business card in chocolate? Or maybe you have something more elaborate in mind...maybe a custom designed mold representing a product you manufacture? Whatever your needs, our design team can help make your idea a confectionery reality.


Don't have the facilities to mass produce the chocolate or candy yourself? Chocolate Concepts can take your standard or customized mold design, and produce the chocolate or candy for you as well.


Chocolate Concepts has also helped company's all over the globe with their industrial chocolate and candy production needs. Our clients realize the special needs and difficulties in working with chocolate and candies, and our machinery is manufactured to address these specific issues. We have been designing machinery for the confectionery industry for almost two decades, and can help your company increase it's production with less machinery down time. Contact us and let us show you how.

Have a confectionery concept you need help us, and tell us your idea...chances are we have a solution for you.


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