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The X-Files

Also known as: XF
First released on: 9/1/1997
Manufactured by: Sega Pinball, Inc. (US)

General Machine Details
Production run: 1500
Players: Six
Display Type: Dot Matrix
Cabinet Type: Normal
Plunger: Automatic
PF Multilevels: No
Cust. Speech: Yes
Buyin Option: No
'Shaking': No

Playfield Details
Multiball: 4
Flippers: 2
Ramps: 2
Bumpers: 3
Captive Balls: 0
Magnets: 1
Ball Cannons: 0
Droptargets: 0
Spinner(s): No
Kickback: No
Spindisc(s): No
Mini Orbit(s): Yes

Playfield Toys
Plastic replicas of: The Erlenmeyer Flask baby, The Flukeman and Mulders file cabinet.

Mulders file cabinet can move up and down, allowing you to shoot a ball in the top drawer for multiball.

FBI Trapdoor in the playfield.

Comments and Trivia
The game was released when the full length theatre movie was released, and is based on both the TV series and the movie.

Design Team
Game Design: Rob Hurtado
Artwork: Morgan Weistling
Software: Lonnie D. Ropp, Orin Day


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