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Johnny Mnemonic

Also known as: JMN
First released on: 1/8/1995
Manufactured by: Williams Electronic Games, Inc.

General Machine Details
Production run: -
Players: Four
Display Type: Dot Matrix
Cabinet Type: Normal
Plunger: Automatic
PF Multilevels: No
Cust. Speech: No
Buyin Option: No
'Shaking': No

Playfield Details
Multiball: 5
Flippers: 2
Ramps: 2
Bumpers: 3
Captive Balls: 0
Magnets: 1
Ball Cannons: 0
Droptargets: 1
Spinner(s): Yes
Kickback: No
Spindisc(s): No
Mini Orbit(s): No

Backbox Details
Videomode: Snarf! The four flipper buttons control a 'pacman-like' creature that bounces around the Dot Matrix Display. Pick up the floating dots and score big points! In round two, one of the floaters is the EB (Extra Ball), which makes finishing Round One very worthwile.

Playfield Toys
"Cyber Matrix Ball Lock" assembly, featuring nine slots that each hold a 'per-game-random' award.

Magnetic hand assembly that 'catches' the ball. The player can then move the hand over the "Cyber Matrix" with the four flipper buttons and release the ball into one of the nine slots.

Marketing Slogans
The Ultimate Mind Game

Gigabytes / Gigabucks.

Get Johnny Mnemonic and you'll be in the Mnemoney.

Meet the ultimate hard drive.

Comments and Trivia
The Johnny Mnemonic movie didn't become the blockbuster movie that Williams may have hoped for when obtaining the license, and the machine is heavily underrated. The same thing that happened to "The Shadow" machine. The fast gameplay, cool sounds (although not 'customly' sampled from the real actors)and incredibly fun rulesheet make this one of those "must have played" machines. Put in some money when you see one!

Design Team
Game Design: George Gomez
Mechanics: Tom Kopera
Artwork: John Youssi
Animation: Adam Rhine, Brian Eddy, Brian Morris
Software: Tom Uban
Sound: Dave Zabriskie
Music: Dave Zabriskie


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