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Jurassic Park

Data EAst
Also known as: JP
First released on: 6/1/1993
Manufactured by: Data East USA, Inc.

General Machine Details
Production run: 9008
Players: Four
Display Type: Dot Matrix
Cabinet Type: -
Plunger: -
PF Multilevels: -
Cust. Speech: -
Buyin Option: -
'Shaking': -

Playfield Details
Multiball: 0
Flippers: 3
Ramps: 0
Bumpers: 3
Captive Balls: 0
Magnets: 1
Ball Cannons: 0
Droptargets: 0
Spinner(s): -
Kickback: -
Spindisc(s): -
Mini Orbit(s): -

Backbox Details
Ornament: Plastic Jurassic Park logo.

Playfield Toys
T-rex on playfield 'eats' ball.

Marketing Slogans
A Pinball Adventure 65 Million Years in the Making.

If it's not Jurassic Park, it's Extinct!

Jurassic Park.the movie event of the summer, the pinball event of the year!

Design Team
Game Design: Ed Cebula, Joe Kaminkow, John Borg
Artwork: Markus Rothkranz
Animation: Jack Liddon, Kurt Andersen
Software: John Carpenter, Lonnie D. Ropp, Neil Falconer
Sound: Brian Schmidt
Music: Brian Schmidt, John Williams


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