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Judge Dredd

Also known as: JD
First released on: 1/9/1993
Manufactured by: Midway Mfg. Co., as a subsidiary of Williams

General Machine Details
Production run: 0
Players: Four
Display Type: Dot Matrix
Cabinet Type: -
Plunger: -
PF Multilevels: -
Cust. Speech: -
Buyin Option: Yes
'Shaking': -

Playfield Details
Multiball: -
Flippers: 4
Ramps: -
Bumpers: -
Captive Balls: -
Magnets: -
Ball Cannons: -
Droptargets: -
Spinner(s): -
Kickback: -
Spindisc(s): -
Mini Orbit(s): -

Marketing Slogans
You be the JUDGE!
Pinball Profits Dredd Ahead.
Judge Dredd: Pinball with an Attitude.
I am the Law.

Design Team
Game Design: John Trudeau
Artwork: Kevin O'Connor
Animation: Eugene Geer, Scott "Matrix" Slomiany
Software: Jeff Johnson
Sound: Paul Heitsch
Music: Paul Heitsch, Vince Pontarelli


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