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Indiana Jones

Also known as: IJ
First released on: 1/8/1993
Manufactured by: Williams Electronic Games, Inc.

General Machine Details
Production run: 12500
Players: Four
Display Type: Dot Matrix
Cabinet Type: Widebody
Plunger: Automatic
PF Multilevels: Yes
Cust. Speech: Yes
Buyin Option: Yes
'Shaking': No

Playfield Details
Multiball: 6
Flippers: 2
Ramps: 2
Bumpers: 3
Captive Balls: 1
Magnets: 0
Ball Cannons: 0
Droptargets: 4
Spinner(s): No
Kickback: No
Spindisc(s): No
Mini Orbit(s): No

Backbox Details
Videomode: A gunfight at the raven bar - move a crosshair left and right over the screen trying to shoot the bad guys.

Videomode: Escape in the mine cart - Move the mine cart left and right throught the tunnels, steering for the open tunnels and avoiding the closed ones.

Videomode: Choose wisely - Several glasses are shown on the display, one of which the player must follow while the glasses get shuffled for a couple of seconds. Choose the right one!

Playfield Toys
Path of adventure: a long-shaped mini-playfield, It has the idea of a roll down game, the player has to steer the ball by tilting the mini-playfield left and right with the flipper buttons.

Marketing Slogans
The Adventure Continues.

Comments and Trivia
Indiana Jones was the first pinball game to use Williams' Digital Compression System (DCS) sound system.

Design Team
Game Design: Mark Ritchie
Artwork: Doug Watson
Software: Brian Eddy
Sound: Rich Karstens
Music: Chris Granner


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