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Demolition Man

Also known as: DM
First released on: 2/1/1994
Manufactured by: Williams Electronic Games, Inc.

General Machine Details
Production run: -
Players: Four
Display Type: Dot Matrix
Cabinet Type: Wide Body
Plunger: Automatic
PF Multilevels: No
Cust. Speech: Yes
Buyin Option: Yes
'Shaking': No

Playfield Details
Multiball: 5
Flippers: 3
Ramps: 2
Bumpers: 3
Captive Balls: 2
Magnets: 1
Ball Cannons: 0
Droptargets: 0
Spinner(s): No
Kickback: No
Spindisc(s): No
Mini Orbit(s): No

Playfield Toys
Cryo Claw. A mechanical arm, equipped with a magnet, controllable (left/right) with the flipper buttons. Steer the ball over one of the five modes and release the ball to start it.

Captive cars (Car Crash). Instead of a captive ball, this machine has two captive cars. Hit the fist one hard enough and it will crash into the other, accompanied by a very good sound/animation package.

Marketing Slogans
The Pinball that will Blow You Away!

One pinball you definitely want on your side.

It's sure to arrive with a Bang!

Comments and Trivia
Machine has two hand grips, with thumb and index finger operated buttons, to control flippers, ball launch and secret stuff. Playing with the handles (instead of with the 'regular' cabinet flipper buttons) actually scores more points in some of the modes.

Design Team
Game Design: Dennis Nordman
Artwork: Doug Watson, Linda Deal
Animation: Scott "Matrix" Slomiany
Software: Bill Grupp, Ted Estes
Sound: Jon Hey
Music: Jon Hey


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