The History
Of all the different shapes of cigars that exist today, figurados are certainly the most curious. They are also something of a mystery inasmuch as no one really knows exactly when and where and by whom they were originated.

The purpose of figurados is much clearer, for each of them is designed to enhance the fullness and character of a cigar’s flavor. And as one might expect, the interest in figurados has increased in proportion to the growing attraction of full-flavored cigars.
The Cigar
Partagas figurado cigar shapes are now being crafted by the most experienced Partagas
cigar rollers under the Spanish banner of Serie S.

While one or two of the shapes are already familiar to experienced cigar smokers, the others are not. And like other Partagas cigars, all of the Partagas Serie S figurados described below are crafted with the richest of Cameroon wrappers.

Partagas Exquisito A pyramid-torpedo shape measuring 7 _" x 48/54 ring

Partagas Primero A pyramid shape measuring 6" x 60 ring

Partagas Perfecto A torpedo shape measuring 6" 49 ring

Partagas Preferido A belicoso shape measuring 6" x 52 ring

Partagas Espléndido A diplomat measuring 4 _" x 38/60/44 ring