The Hartville Chocolate Factory opened it's doors to Hartville, and the world, almost 20 years ago.

In 1986, having spent a few years focusing his business on the chocolate mold industry, Robert Barton, Hartville Chocolate Factory's founder, made the natural step into the production and sales of candy and chocolates. The location of Hartville was a perfect fit for his chocolate business. Hartville, with it's amish roots, represented quality, hard work, and dedication to one's craft, all traits Robert wanted associated with his business. For it's world headquarters, the site of the old Hartville hardware store was chosen. The building, built in 1904, was a testament to the fine craftsmanship of the time. After renovations to the 80 year old building were complete, the Hartville Chocolate Factory opened it's doors to an eagerly waiting world.

After almost two decades in the single location, the Hartville Chocolate Factory expanded, and opened the doors to Hartville Chocolate Factory II in the fall of 2002. Located within the Hartville Marketplace, Hartville Chocolate Factory II now continues the 20 year tradition of producing and selling the world's finest confectionery treats...come visit and see why they're the best!